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Transportation and Insurance Defense

Illinois civil litigation lawyer for cargo damage, personal injury defense, construction defects

Companies in the transportation and construction industries may experience liability issues in many different situations, and they may encounter emergency situations such as catastrophic accidents in which they will need to make sure they are taking the proper steps to minimize their financial losses.

The law firm of Canty Novy Bertkau Gordon, LLC provides dedicated legal help for multiple different types of commercial entities, addressing emergency situations, liability for bodily injuries and property loss, and insurance coverage.

Our firm works with companies in the transportation, logistics, and construction industries, as well as multiple other types of large and small corporations, including insurance companies. Our catastrophic call-out program ensures that companies can respond immediately to emergency situations and take the correct steps to protect their interests while complying with government requirements. We provide representation in cases involving:

  • Transportation - We provide legal assistance to trucking, shipping, and other transportation companies, helping them defend against casualty claims, cargo claims, and freight broker and logistics issues. We help companies address liability in cases related to injuries or damages, including assistance with contract drafting and review.
  • Insurance Coverage - We provide representation for insurance companies on matters related to insurance coverage, claims, and disputes.
  • Construction - We work with multiple types of companies in the construction industry, providing representation in cases involving construction-related injuries and defects.
  • Commercial and Insurance Defense - We help defend insurance-related matters by negotiating and litigating a variety of legal disputes for insurance companies and insureds.

In addition, Canty Novy Bertkau Gordon, LLC provides outside and local counsel services to assist companies who need to address specific legal issues or to have attorney representation at a specific location. We provide legal help to companies throughout the United States, ensuring that they will be able to address their immediate and ongoing needs.

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